Showin’ a little lunch love

Yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day….You KNOW I have to do something kinda festive. Cuz I’m all cheesy like that.

PB&J gramwich, bananas with a heart pick, cinnamon toast crunch, dried pineapple and a couple of pretzel sticks.

Applesauce (a lid will go over so it doesn’t spill) with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a few white chocolate chips, popcorn, fig bar in a bee cup…and the be mine pick….get it?! I’m out of bread….so I made a heart shaped PB&J on a hamburger bun. Hey, I’m feeding a 6 year old…he won’t care, right?! I put a lip pick in the sandwich and as a special Valentine’s treat, a chocolate covered cherry.

My little lady gets some applesauce with cinnamon and chocolate chips, a few apple slices, a chocolate chip cookie, avocado chunks, and popcorn with a heart pick.

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